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9/11 Bill Maher vs Mos Def



Bill Maher tries to talk fiction again, but Mos Def isn't fooled.
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three of the most obvious reasons you know it was a flase flag operation:

1 - israeli mossad were arrested that day on the George Washington Bridge with a truck full of explosives (then later released back to israel)

2 - jet fuel (kerosene) doesn't melt steel in oxygen

3 - they fell like a controlled demolition

Who were the people arrested on the George Washington Bridge & what did they have in their van?
Can Jet Fuel (kerosene) melt steal?
Was Norad told to stand down?
How can you look at the way the 3 world trade center buildings fell & not see controlled demolition?
What caused building 7 to fall?
Where did the nano thermite come from?
Do you know about Operation Northwoods?
Do you know about the Lavon Affair?

high profile people who have acknowledged the ISRAELI MOSSAD involvement in the 9/11 attacks

I can list several off the top of my head:

former head of the US ARMY WAR COLLEGE, Dr Alan Sabrosky
former PRESIDENT OF ITALY, Francesco Cossiga
former MI5 agent, Annie Machon
renowned BBC correspondent Alan Hart
US Marine Ken O'keefe

there are more, but these are the ones I can list off the top of my head