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Mathematik - Uprise (HD)



From the album "Rap Essentials 2001"

Beat Factory, 2001

Mathematik lives hip hop. Previously a part of the trio, Down Ta Erf, he has participated in all aspects of the artform since his youth. Lyndon Dash a.k.a. Mathematik, 21, grew up in Malvern, a suburb of Toronto, where he merged his musical talents and songwriting abilities, laying down pure underground hip hop tracks like no other group in the world.

"I see hip hop tarnishing and feel we must keep it respectable" says Mathematik on the negativity that has been surrounding the genre. Mathematik is an MC who is constantly changing his art, experimenting with different methods of MCing in order to expand people's minds on the potential of rap music. His inspiration stems from his youth, seeing many MC's rise and not achieve international success, has Mathematik determined to see the rap scene in Canada gain the respect and recognition it deserves.

Mathematik's is, "not trying to conform to the typical hip hop sound". The music and lyrics of Mathematik is who he is, he lives hip hop and therefore the music has always been a part of him. When he and his crew get working in the studio to lay down tracks, they do not merely make hip hop, they create music.

Musical influences include: Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye, Donny Hathaway, KRS-One, EPMD, Main Source and Rakim. Tricks to the mix come from the influences of producers Marley Marl, and Marshall Jefferson.

Mathematik is an artist with much experience in the music industry, having worked with producer K-Cut, as well as artists: Sic Sense, Citizen Kane, Saukrates, and Dream Warriors. An innovative artist that is constantly exploring musical mediums to create a revolutionary hip hop sound, Mathematik speaks about everything that is a part of his life and will freely voice his opinion against those who disrespect hip hop.

He demands respect and rightly so, with a mission to set things right, the world will be forced to pay attention to the hip hop scene in Canada starting with Mathematik.

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