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1994-1995 West Coast hip hop Compilation Volume 1



**Edited & arranged by -ReVizionary- **
Foe Life- Mack 10
Come & Take a ride- Mad CJ Mac
Dippin' Remix- King Tee
Pistol Grip Pump (Instrumental edit)- Volume 10
Strap on the side- Spice 1
Sidewayz- E 40
4 the Scrilla (Instrumental)
What would U do?- Dogg Pound
America's Nightmare- C-Bo
Slowburnin'- Kokane
Keep em Guessing (Instrumental edit)- Ant Banks
Regulate (Remix)- Warren G
Taking These- The Coup
West up- WC, Ice Cube, & Mack 10
East Side West Side (Instrumental edit)- Lil 1/2 Dead
Kalifornia- Above the Law
Mobbin Throogh the hood- TRU
Still Can't Fade it- The Twinz
So Much Drama (Instrumental edit)- Da Luniz
Still on a Mission- Lil 1/2 Dead
Due or Die- Watts Gangstas
Luv 4 Dem Gangsta'z (Instrumental edit)- Eazy E
Zoom Zooms and Wam Wam- Jayo Felony
In Traffic- Kam
Str8 Ballin- (Instrumental edit)- Thug Life
Bring Da Funk- Str8 G
5 On It- Da Luniz
Bailin' Thru my Hood-Celly Cel
Quik's Groove III (Outro)

This is one of the many Compilation cds I have made celebrating my love for good hip hop throughout the years. I edited all of the songs to some degree and even made instrumentals out of songs that did not have instrumental versions available. I like to include instrumentals at certain points during the compilation to fit as many songs in and add to the overall atmosphere of that year, and as a freestyle break. I did not use any DJ programs, but instead use editing software and crossfade to try to make a smooth transition between songs. Thanks for listening & please check out and "like" my page dedicated to real hip hop from the past to the present at I have this and other Compilations for download there.