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Sonic Generations (PS3): Shadow! Have you lost your mind!?! (vs. Shadow Glitch)



This is a video from me, DarkspinesSonic A.K.A Da1AndOnlySonic, showing a glitch in the rival battle against Shadow the Hedgehog on Sonic Generations for the PS3. Whenever Shadow gathers enough cores to power-up, you are transported to a runway where he will throw out a shower of chaos spears for you to avoid, in addition to throwing 1 final attack. However, it seems that if you make it out of the path before Shadow uses his final attack, his AI becomes...well, stupid. For one he's constantly running into walls, often times to the point of never leaving that location. Another thing is that he reaches ridiculous speeds, often times going faster than you can even while he's skating. Finally, if you stick around the trick ramp area long enough after initiating the glitch, Shadow will show you why he is the ultimate life form. He will send out a chaos spear so devastating, that all sound will be eliminated from the game. You heard me, not from the fight, the game. No matter where you go after the battle, you will hear absolutely none of the sound or music the game has to offer. This will continue until you quit out of the game and reload it back up. Enjoy! ^_^