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Pretty little liars | Top 15 best kisses (Seasons 4+5+6A)



The best kissing scenes from "Pretty little liars" (seasons 4+5+6A) broadcast on ABC Family.
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This ranking is not an official ranking, but it's just my opinion, so don't freak out if you think otherwise, please, because we all have our own opinions and I'm just asking you to respect mine:
#15. Andrew and Aria (5x21)
#14. Travis and Hanna (4x16)
#13. Emily and Paige (4x02)
#12. Johnny and Spencer (5x20)
#11. Lorenzo and Alison (6x05)
#10. Jake and Aria (4x09)
#9. Holbrook and Hanna (4x21)
#8. Ezra and Alison (4x17)
#7. Mike and Mona (6x07)
#6. Jason and Ashley (5x17)
#5. Holbrook and Alison (5x13)
#4. Caleb and Hanna (5x07)
#3. Ezra and Aria (5x05)
#2. Alison and Emily (5x05)
#1. Toby and Spencer (5x24)

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