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How to make Lady Gaga's BORN THIS WAY JACKET!!! - DIY



On May 23, 2009 Club Gaga was created. I made a single video thinking nothing of what I was doing. It was on how to make Lady Gaga's Electronic glasses. I put together two ipod nanos on shutter shades and taped paper over them! Wow, did it look bad, but I thought it was great. That was the beginning of an awesome youtube channel. I realized that after the first video, I would try another. I made the lady gaga disco stick. That video is what got the views. It had 10,000 over a few weeks. I was very excited, and I got praised from others. In the comments, people told me things like you should make more props, and good job. I was very excited and I started to make Lady Gaga props. The views grew, and I loved it. I went to a gaga concert in all my gear and took pictures with people there. I grew on youtube, and learned how to make my videos better. I went from crappy quality and horrible explanations to hd and wonderful, simple, and easy explanations. I love youtube and I am glad I have gotten all this support from you guys. All my wishes have come true, besides one, which is to get Gaga to notice me. I have tried many times, but never succeeded. Hopefully one day Gaga, you will find this channel. Thats my last wish to come true.

Okay, so to promote born this way, I decided to make Lady Gaga's born this way jacket!!! This is a very cool jacket and I am sure you are going to want to make it to wear to the Born This Way Ball (or whatever it will be called)

Enjoy! Hope you like it!

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